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The Ages of Lulu (1990)

The Ages of Lulu (1990)
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Title:The Ages of Lulu
Original Title:Las edades de Lulú
Director : Bigas Luna,
Writer :
Producer : Andrés Vicente Gómez,
Runtime:95 min.

 Production Company:Iberoamericana Films Internacional, Apricot


Fifteen-year-old Lulu has never known any affection from her family. But when she goes to a rock concert with Pablo, a friend of the family, he introduces Lulu to her first sexual experience. Years later, Pablo and Lulu have married; Pablo has created a sheltered, private world for Lulu, into which nothing intrudes. However, Lulu tires of her cloistered existence, and begins hanging out in shady bars, looking for vicarious thrills and danger.
Francesca Neri
Óscar Ladoire
María Barranco
Fernando Guillén Cuervo
Rosana Pastor
Javier Bardem
Juan Graell
Rodrigo Valverde
Pilar Bardem
Marta May
Pepa Serrano
Almudena Grandes
Almudena Grandes
Bigas Luna
Santiago Ganuza
Carlos Segarra
Fernando Arribas
Pablo G. del Amo
Miguel Chicharro
Antonio Alvarado
Helena Sanchís